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This year we offer a scale of prices, with the intention to be inclusive and trying to welcome different economical needs or availability.

We trust in self-responsibility and for this reason, we will explain to you our economical proposal and our costs:

The first number is the price to sleep in your own tent, the second one is to sleep in a bed in shared rooms

Those prices include = practice for 7 hours a day for 8 days + 3 vegetarian (local Italian food) meals/housing for 10 nights!!!

  • Low budget : 590 Euro / 690 Euro

  • Fair price: 680 Euro / 780 Euro

  • Support price: 770 Euro / 870 Euro


Fair price:

This is the price we consider appropriate for the quality of the event

(Teachers, Location, Food/Accommodation).

Paying this amount of money you'll allow us to cover all the costs according to our desire of paying an appropriate fee to the teachers

Low budget:

This price has a special discount, is intended for someone who would really like to participate in the event but has not enough economical availability (check also HELPERS session below)

Support price:

This is for the students that would like to support the possibility of offering a "low budget price" and finance our work and research at the same time.

If in this moment you have economical stability, this might be your price

Our costs:

  • Travel Cost, about 200 Euro for each teacher/musician, 4 people in total

  • Housing and meals (to the space): 25 euro a night in your own tent + 3 Meals and Snack, 35 euro in the bed

  • Ideally, we like to pay our teacher 60 euro for an hour of work (Class + Preparation Time)

  • Promotion costs (Website, Advertisements, Flyers)

  • Many hours of work of calls, planning, pre-organization

REGISTRATIONS are open until the 10rd of July 2022

only 25 spots are available

Once registered you'll be asked to pay a deposit

In case you cannot come because of Covid-19 Sanitary Restrictions your deposit will be totally refounded proving a medical certification


As always we are looking for some extra support on-site.

Helpers will have to take care of one of these tasks:

-photo/video, childcare, kitchen assistant, pre/post meals preparation, dance floor cleaning

This is a work exchange, so you'll get a different price if you decide to be involved in this program.

Write us an e-mail to have further info.

Please tell us your competencies and experience.



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