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There is not one practice that is the best.

It is contextual depending on your needs and your interests within the training.

Once we know what we are doing and why we are doing it, we will be able to go deeper into our research depending on our personal tastes, needs, and current life situation.


Different practices imply different approaches, different pedagogical strategies and they have a different effect on body-mind unity.

This will be the aim of our exploration.

▹ Why do we practice what we practice?

▹ What’s the difference between an analytic approach to biomechanics in dancing compared with the traditional way of learning in traditional martial arts?

▹ Are these approaches connected with the instantaneousness of the improvisation?

▹ Can we apply principles coming from Solo Work in a duet or trio of Contact Improvisation?












MOVEMENT INTERSECTION is an open platform born in 2019, with the idea of gathering original and diverse movement teachers. 

Their common thread of research is the transmission of their own practice through their own perspective & specific pedagogy. 

One of their common inspirations and sources is the Axis Syllabus International Meschwork, that rhizomatically branches into martial arts, internal work, improvisation, choreographic work and contact improvisation.


  • What’s our "Mission"?


This event offers the participants to meet and have a short/long-term full immersion dedicated time of movement practice, surrounded by a powerful and magical natural landscape , and accompanied by professional teachers with different backgrounds, points of view, and approaches to movement expressions.

Discipline, creativity, listening to the body, internal work in different forms and ways, external work for the inter-connectivity between moving humans, getting inspiration by reflecting through physical experiences, learning through fun… are some of the objectives of this event. Many others are to be discovered within the group that will deal with the present moment of this specific experience as individual and as a collective..


  • Why do we propose this rather than a normal “one topic intensive”?


Gathering various forms of movement expression, practices, and research, are the mirror of the prism effect: to reflect and disperse light. 

In this case, it can open reflection and dispersion through some expertise on movement, from a different face or position in space, time, and context. It also gives the opportunity to everyone, teachers, and participants, to collect relevant information on movement and enjoy nourishment as such.


  • For Whom is Movement Intersection?


Welcome to the people who consider themselves movers (all kinds of species) as well, long-term beginners or people who are used to basic and regular physical training. Movement Intersection was born with the idea of being propedeutic and complementary to any movement practice. -Do you want to start to move and discover your body? Join Us.

-Do you want to have a different perspective on your movement practice (Dance, Yoga, Theater, Circus etc)? Join us.

-Do you wanna see and experience different approaches in teaching as you are a teacher too?

Join us.

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