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Mindful Concentration, Coming back to Spring Qi Gong,

5 animals Qi Gong, Axis Syllabus

I like to define myself as a curious “movement researcher”.

Always passionate about movement, sport, and nature I started studying martial arts when I was 17 years old. This is now more than 20 years ago!

I’ve never stopped and my research brought me to Asia in the last years to dig more into different traditional disciplines (Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Muay Thai)

During the university years I’ve studied Physical Education and after completing my master in “Preventive and Adapted Movement Activity” I have begun my studies in theatre and contemporary dance.

Immediately after I stepped into Contact improvisation, a perfect and smooth synergy of all my previous movement activities.

This was somehow the time I started to work professionally on stage as a performer.

Meanwhile, I was teaching movement to a different kind of people. At the time I especially dedicated to a 1-1 rehabilitation work of old people in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists.

I'm an Axis Syllabus certified teacher since autumn 2018

Today I'm a versatile performer who likes to mix knowledge from different disciplines of movement. I’m particularly interested in training methodologies and practices for personal development (Why do we do what we do?)

Science and traditions are mixed in what I teach and how I move. My masters and teachers are coming from different fields...Martial Arts, Mysticism, Science, Sport, Contemporary dance and theatre.

The research never ends and passing to others the information I got until now it’s, in my opinion, the best ways to review, elaborate and evolve them.


Axis Syllabus, Improvisation / Instant Composition / Contact improvisation

Artist, dancer-performer, teaching Axis Syllabus, Contact Improvisation, and Improvisation technique. Passionate on body communication, expression and in the listening of it’s infinite possibilities.

Her primary background study is music education at the Conservatory of Enric Granados in Lleida, Catalunya. From this experience, she got in contact with contemporary dance. Passionate and curious about this art form, she started to study at the Conservatory Artemis Dansa in Tarragona which brought her to Brussels for 5 years to continue her development in the dance field where she received training in Jette Studio, Hybrid Studio and La Raffinerie. In 2007 she discovered the Axis Syllabus and got involved in the Axis Syllabus Research Network becoming a certified teacher. Today she is based in Catalonia, she teaches Axis Syllabus in Spain and abroad, she has taught in Belgium, Chile, France, Hungry, Greece, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic

In the field of the Axis Syllabus she is developing since 2017 “Fascia, between order and chaos” a work on fascia listening and function applied to Contact Improvisation and movement patterns. Together with the dancer and osteopath Ona Fusté, they give workshops in Spain and Europe.

Artistically she works as a performer and researcher in dance improvisation, she is inspired by the work of Julien Hamilton, Mal pelo, Katie Duck and Sonia Sanchez among others. She performs a soloist, collaborating with musicians Rafa Esteve, Arnau Millà and others.

Dancer in Free't's Company from 2012 using Soundpainting vocabulary. She is dancer in the Duo Arima a duet of dance and contrabass with two pieces “Quaso Serenor” and “Diàlegs amb Bach”

Now she is in the formation and training of Craniosacral Biodynamics in La Fontcoberta with the professional trainer Carme Renalias.

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Axis Syllabus,

« Be herd or not to be herd » Co-creativity / AS / Choreographic proposals

Born on Reunion Island in 1981, Anne-Cécile Chane-Tune discovered a love for dance at the age of 14 and decided to go into exile in Europe, to deepen her knowledge in the artistic and choreographic field world.

Dancer-performer, choreographer and artist pedagogue, she is trained in classical and contemporary dance. She began her career at the age of 20, remained based in Brussels and crossed the countries of the world through various creations, productions, Belgian and French as well workshops in Europe with adults and children... mainly human till now.

On the roads for 20 years, between creations, touring and teaching, she is in constant search of artistic and intellectual nourishment in order to broaden and refine her perception, her vision and her knowledge of the art of dance.
She is sensitive to the body in its plasticity, its humanity and as a witness to the modern world, facing discoveries and unknowns... with hard moments and beautiful ones... actually life.

“ To summarize her flagship projects that have been touring internationally : Anne-Cécile Chane- Tune had Blush (Wim Vandekeybus) as well as Pellis (Thibaud Le Maguer), went to Gadget Study and Mariés (Mattéo Moles) to then land in A L’ombre des Arbres and turn in a Spirale (Félicette Chazerand). She meets Lisa and Traverse le monde with the company Arcosm, invests in collective research via the Axis Syllabus while remaining permanently with the collective En Transit ... as a performer- choreographer. She assists Frey Faust as a teacher and choreographer. Continuing her career, she meets the visual artist Miet Warlop, interprets the projects Leaves of Grass by Bud Blumenthal, Meta et Sirènes by Elodie Paternostre (video-dance), finds the company Arcosm (Thomas Guerry and Camille Rocailleux) for her short story Subliminal creation. She continues to make the Bodies Confident on stage and create-performs rOnde from Félicette Chazerand. She integrates the work of HIVE for Pietro Marullo. She creates her first solo Racines. She is invited as a choreographer to guide the actors for the theater project La Ronde Flamboyante, directed by Olivier Lenel, writing Emmanuel De Candido. She becomes a choreographic assistant to Félicette Chazerand for the Petite ronde project. With ALONE / ALL ONE, she begins her second personal research, born during the first lockdown and thus tends to bring out again her own choreographic aesthetic. »



Musician, improviser, performer, and multifaceted artist.


He studied drawing and illustration at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. He works at Poble Espanyol de Montjuic school making chalcographic engraving.

He delves into the cinema and audiovisual of the hand of Manel Muntaner. 

In 2008 her screenplay is awarded by Nu2 with Núria Fort, and they presented at the video dance convention FI at the “Mercat de les Flors”. 

He also direct the documentary Amors del Montseny made with Paral·lel 40 and released in

Canal 33. Premiere of his first film Pope at the Auditorium Theater of

Cardedeu. He made a documentary about the monument Saint

Santimaria de Sant Celoni and a documentary about the last year of life of

the Eternal Verdeguer, farmer and sage of the Vallès. He also makes different videos

dance like "Es traspassa"

At the same time, he studied body movement by practicing Aikido for more

seven years in Barceloneta and contemporary dance with Kirstie Simpson, Julyen Hamilton, Maria Muñoz, Pep Ramis, Cecilia Colacrai, Maya Carrol, Federica Porello as the

more influential teachers. Organizes and teaches at the Eix International Dance Festival

improvisation with the As d’Arts Association of Cardedeu.

Simultaneously he has studied music, electric guitar, trumpet and

double bass with Xavi Fort, Joan Rectoret, Salvador Borràs, David Pastor at

Barcelona Musicians Atelier, and also with Erkan Ogur. He is currently studying

Master’s degree in improvised music at the Esmuc in Barcelona.

He has worked and collaborated as a musician and performer with

Dominik Borucki in the piece Je veut manger. He has improvised with Laura Dorna, Maria Montseny, Rosa Ballerí, Placida Pajares, Jordi Ramon with a residence in the Roca Umbert of

Granollers where they created the piece Sopa de letras. He is currently working with

Maria Mora with the piece Coordinates, with Imperdibles 21, improvisation col·lectif and he collaborates in the “Error” project by Maritza Nevárez.

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